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this is for derrick!

This is for Derrick!
Hello everyone, As some of you may know Chiodos is playing with the Audition this sunday @ the 15& Utica Frasier Lions club, so first of all everyone should come check out both of these amazing bands..

2nd. Derrick, Drummer of Chiodos, is having trouble with his drum kit, and is in Dire need of raising some funds to get his new set built, he needs $500.00 bucks to be exact, and there's no way for him to work to raise this money due to his extensive tour scheduling, so this is what I am asking, If you're coming out to this show, come show your support, and if you can help him out in anyway(Donating any money at all, Change, dollors, w/e) see Derrick or Myself,if you dont know who we are, leave me a msg and ill let you know where to find me. if you cannot make it out to the show, but would like to lend a helping hand just leave me a message and maybe we can arrange something. Id like to thank everyone who supports this band and The audition, and thank anyone in advance who would be eager and willing to lend a hand. Thank You, on behalf of Derrick, and the whole Chiodos family..

3rd. Chiodos will have lots on nice merch for sale, and bills are piling up so if you're looking to sport some hot new threads from the likes of these wonderful boys, bring some cash and hit the tables hard.. :)

thank you everyone, have a nice day..

:] Luigi
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